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Exhibition: «Janine Laux’s paintings + Christian Laux’s books»

17 setembre 2022 | 15 h 00 min - 19 h 00 min

Saturday 17 September 2022, 15:00

Discover the achievements of Janine Laux and the writings of Christian Laux, and take part in a lecture by Raymond Ginouillac: "The Occitana Òbra by Cristian Laus".

Exhibition: «Janine Laux’s paintings + Christian Laux’s books»
  • setembre 2022
    • Dissabte 17 15 h 00 min - 19 h 00 min

Centre Occitan Rochegude

28 rue Rochegude, 81000 Albi

05 63 46 21 43

Since 2010, the CCOA association has been based in the right wing of the Hotel Rochegude. This place adjoining the Rochegude Park, was the Private Mansion of the Admiral of Rochegude. Henri-Pascal de Rochegude is one of the figures of the city of Albi, both a sailor, a man of letters and an 18th century scholar. At its installation, the CCOA then gave the name of Centre Occitan Rochegude to its premises. The association subsequently did a great deal of research on the character who also left writings in the Occitan language. It was therefore decided to dedicate 2013 to Admiral de Rochegude. An exhibition has been created and several works have been published by the CCOA: Henri Paschal de Rochegude: Fragments d'universel, Textes osées/ Tèxtes pebrats, Lo romanista Rochegude, Cambriolage chez M. de Rochegude. The Centre Occitan Rochegude is both a place of exhibition, a bookstore, a library/resource centre, and a place of entertainment and cultural action of all kinds.